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This lets you combine powers rather than flit between them, although hero swapping on the fly is also permitted. Combining powers opens up new avenues of sandbox tinkering; the wizard can float other party members on a conjured plank platform or hang a goblin harmlessly in midair for the thief to skewer with arrows. For maximum sandbox tomfoolery, there's also an unlimited mode, in which any combination of hero characters is allowed. There is certainly some satisfaction to be had in stealthily eliminating a whole camp of enemies, but Shinobido 2 delivers very little of it. Instead, it favors quantity over quality. The reuse of environments and introduction of a second playable character (complete with her own slow-to-improve attributes) can add hours to your play time, but the poor AI and clunky combat will likely turn you off long before then. The appeal of being a ninja is all about vanquishing your foes through superior skills, but when your enemies are this dumb, you just feel like a bully. Touch Laadam Songs Mp3 Katamari begins with the horrified king eavesdropping on that fateful conversation. Depressed by the realization that people no longer adore him, the king decides to stage a comeback. He turns to his son for assistance. As a miniature prince in a green jumpsuit, you roll a sticky ball around the world. You gather tiny objects, animals, people, and eventually buildings as your katamari grows to a suitable size and then is turned into a sparkling star by your eccentric but powerful father. That's the only way the proper order of the universe can be restored. Fortunately, not every enemy encounter is such a failure. Throughout the game, you also find numerous boss fights that provide a nice change of pace because victory relies more on pattern memorization and intuition than manic combat. For example, the boss in one stage is typically impervious to any attacks, but Scarygirl can lure it into a danger zone and let the elements deal a blow that stuns her adversary. Then she can whale on the beast for a moment until it recovers. It's a shame that such sequences aren't more common, but they're enjoyable when they do occur. There is a unique economy of movement in Dustforce that must be mastered to succeed. Running and jumping are simple. It's when you start zipping around in midair that things get tricky. For instance, most characters can either double jump or dash while in the air. That is, unless you defeat an enemy while airborne. Then you can either dash again or make a third jump. And once you touch the ground, the w

In Borderlands 2, the novelty is gone, but all of the other elements are back and better than ever. This sequel doubles down on the successes of the original and shores up its shortcomings, improving the familiar formula and delivering dozens and dozens of hours of immensely entertaining gameplay. The fantasy storyline that serves as the framework for Heroes of Ruin gives adequate motivation for your actions, but little more. The many locations your travels take you do a better job of drawing you in than the static cutscenes that detail major events. A deep-sea labyrinth containing jail cells guarded by screaming abominations gives way to a twisted celestial world populated by all manner of demonic creatures. Roaming through dimly lit forests with howling wolves and acid-spitting spiders sends shivers down your spine, compelling you onward to see what horrible creature or creepy locale waits around the bend. Items and buffs are a neat addition, but not a wholly necessary one. It's quite possible to make it through even the toughest of tracks with your rhythmical skill alone--there are even bonus points for doing so. Not much is made of the monsters in battle either. They're nothing more than a visual aid that provides the illusion of success--they could just as well not be there. They flutter in and out of battles with an alarming regularity without so much as a whimper, and even so-called "bosses" are no harder to fight than anyone else--the challenge is based on the note patterns, not an enemy's nonexistent strength. The icon flashes as you hover your hand over cables attached to your chest. You grip them, and with a sharp tug on the controller you rip them out, causing you to black out and awaken in a forest. It's littered with autumnal dead leaves and many strange artefacts and buildings. Most of your time in Datura is spent exploring the forest, where you soak up the atmosphere, and listen to a foreboding orchestral score, all while trying to figure out exactly what it is you're doing there. You walk around by holding down the Move button and pointing where you want to go, and holding down X lets you spin around on the spot. It's not just that the action is faster and the enemies are tougher; it is and they are, but this is par for the course with many online multiplayer modes. The real disconnect lies in the fact that the assets you've been trained to use don't have the same utility. Walls are easily demolished or circumnavigated, turrets aren't nearly as effective, and hawks are either much more vulnerable or much more deadly than you expect, depending on the situation. It feels like all of your campaign experience is actually misleading you--the instincts you developed can't be trusted, and it's an unpleasantly disorienting feeling. Much of the appeal also comes from the aesthetics. Karting draws heavily on the cardboard-cutout style from the Sackboy-starring platformers, and the arts-and-crafts atmosphere is immediately welcoming. Whether you're cruising through swampy locales or racing through a futuristic city, every stage in the extensive story mode has an enticing visual theme of its own. The music feeds into these artistic pleasures. Songs ranging from tribal chants to '50s-style "world of tomorrow" pieces ensure there's plenty of diversity, and you'll be nodding your head along to the beats while guiding Sackboy across the finish line. Yet for all the excitement and emotion of the main plot, the most engrossing drama of Halo 4 takes place between Master Chief and Cortana. Everyone's favorite artificial intelligence is nearing her expiration date, forcing these two all-but-invincible characters to face the prospect of death in a way they never have. This delicate, degenerative process is handled eloquently, and great voice acting, animation, and writing combine for some poignant moments. 343 Industries delivers a compelling narrative on both an intimate and a grand scale, with a satisfying conclusion that will make you excited for what's to come. When playing a quick match in Classic mode, this is more or less how the new Warlords works as well. One non-aesthetic difference is that your castle is now a semicircle as opposed to a square. Unlike other changes, this could actually be considered an improvement over the original Warlords, since the curved walls feel like a better gameplay fit for modern controllers. On the other hand, the fireballs and paddles are sluggish when compared to the original, which removes some of the energy--but the game is still close enough to the original to be enjoyable, especially if playing with three friends in the same room. The limited number of multiplayer maps also takes some of the edge off of online competition, which echoes a limitation in the campaign. While you encounter a healthy number of maps when playing offline, Enemy Unknown does not feature the randomly generated m


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